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Alumni and Schools foundation winter 2017 newsletter

Due to a series of technical problems, the e-copy of our current newsletter has not been posted to the Alumni and Schools Foundation web site.  Here is an unformatted copy - we'll keep working on the issues!!

Fall/Winter 2017 issue

SWHS All-Class Picnic July 8, 2017

By Barbara Ward Thompson ‘43


The 19th Annual All-Class Picnic at Riverfront Park is again scheduled for the second Saturday in July, which makes it July 8 this year.  Mark your calendars!


Gates open at noon.  Picnic lunch is catered and will be served at 1:00 p.m.  You choose chicken or pulled pork sandwich when you make your reservation.  Cost remains $15 per plate.  Early advance reservations go a long way toward increasing accuracy and reducing errors and confusion. 


Peggy Suryan and her crew of youthful helpers will be available to assist those who need help with meal service. 


Golf carts will again be available for those who’d like some assistance negotiating the hill to and from the picnic site. 


Classes who are thinking about putting up their own individual tents should contact Barbara Ward Thompson at 360-855-0293 by July 1 to ensure that you have a spot in the layout. 


We are grateful to the Sims family for continuing their dad, Vern’s, tradition of providing two 10’ x 20’ tents for shelter from the elements.  We appreciate their long commitment!


We look forward to seeing you at this fun, annual event!
We usually have about 500 Cubs and friends in attendance at the All-Class Picnic!
As always, you can make reservations for the picnic and pay your dues using the form inserted.  Please pay by check and be sure to include your class year.
The All-Class Picnic is our biggest event of the year – a great time to reconnect with your favorite Cubs and a fundraiser for the scholarship and classroom grant programs that make us so proud every year.  Please make sure you have a paid reservation and bring a few extra dollars to participate in the fun raffles we have for you. 
Calendar year 2017 dues are due now!  Please use the inserted form and be sure to give us your e’mail address.
Dues are $10 per year for annual memberships and $100 for the popular lifetime membership option.
Thank you to all who faithfully support our organization through memberships and donations to the scholarship programs and classroom grants. 
Brock Stiles, ’78, served as the master of ceremonies
at the 2016 All-Class Picnic. 
Barbara Thompson, ’43, is the
most organized picnic chair ever!
Coming Class Events
Class of 1959
Lunch gatherings for class of ‘59 friends; please call Bonna Harrison Beitler 360-855-0030 for dates and times.
Class of 1971
Coffee hour on the last Tuesday of every month, where we visit and catch up on the latest news.  At the Woolley Market. 
July is a pot luck.  Check our blog site:  
SWHS Alumni and Schools Foundation Communications!
Our newsletter is published twice a year, but updated information is always found on our Facebook page. 
Class representatives are encouraged to send information about reunions and gatherings so we can share it with CUBS all over the world!
Deadline for next issue:  April 10, 2017.

By Lola Ellestad ‘42, Scholarships co-chair
The Class of 1971 and the Sedro-Woolley Alumni students have claimed their 2016 scholarships and are hard at work with classes that will help them for a lifetime.  I am proud of all the kids that are getting off to a good start towards their careers.  This is the fun time of our year when we actually request the scholarship check from the treasurer, mail the check to the college and watch our Sedro-Woolley High School seniors make us PROUD!
This year we had three students from the Class of 1971 and seven students from the Alumni that won scholarships.  This totaled $25,500.  The Foundation also provided scholarships from their donors.
We have distributed the 2017 applications to the counselor's office for students to apply for scholarships.  Applications were due January 31, 2017.  Thanks to the scholarship committee for their work in reviewing applications and selecting recipients.  We look forward to meeting the awardees at the June Senior Class events. 
2016 Foundation scholarships: 
Lewis & Millie Gruver Scholarships awarded to Emily Moran (Western Washington University) and James D. Barney (Air Force Academy) .
Heather Schols Memorial Scholarships awarded to Kaycee Richardson (University of Washington) and Abby Dimock (Eastern Washington University).
Harrison Family Scholarship awarded to Meghan McCloud (Washington State University).
Mollie Young Memorial Scholarship awarded to Ernestina Castellanos (Skagit Valley College).
2016 Class of 71 Scholarships:
Noah Annett – 2016 grad, $2500
Katherine Daley – 2016 grad, $2500
Timothy Moser – 2014 grad, attending WSU, $2500
It gives us great pleasure to help these fine CUBS further their educations!
Joe Jones, ‘98
I enjoy being Vice President of the Alumni and Schools Foundation because it allows me to give back to the community I live in and the school I graduated from.  Being on a lot of our committees allows me to give out school grants, scholarships to students and help manage our money to spend it where it is needed most.
Darrel Jones, ‘48
I enjoy being a member of the Finance Committee because:
My wife Mary and I, both being grads of 1948, when at such time there were very few sources of support for financing a college education, we seldom even thought about attending college or even a trade school.
A number of years ago, I felt privileged to have been invited to be a member of the Finance Committee for the Alumni Association, my participation led to an appreciation of the past success of my predecessors who had accumulated a nice amount of funds that were invested to provide capital gain to fund scholarships for grads of the two S-W schools.
Following the merger with the S-W Foundation I became of member of the merged Alumni Foundation Finance Committee and have continued my dedication to the legacy to provide annually as many dollars as we can for the Scholarship Committee to award scholarships to deserving students.
Kellie Cargile ‘79
I enjoy volunteering for the board because of seeing first-hand how the funds we raise help our students each and every day.  From much needed college scholarships to supporting credit retrieval costs to providing Camp Orkila scholarships, the impact for our students is great and spread across the district.  The classroom grant program has supplied much needed technology and program support for our teachers.  The materials and items purchased are used daily to help our children receive a quality education.  As an all-volunteer board, it feels good to know that the funds raised go directly back to our students.  
Judy Johnson, ‘71
I enjoy producing the newsletters, social media content, and tracking memberships for the Foundation because it keeps me in touch with alums all over the world and reminds me that we are a community of grads who want the very best education for our up and coming CUBS!
Clear Lake Elementary School is celebrating a School of Distinction award they received in September 2016 for sustained improvement in English language arts and math over a five-year period.  Clear Lake Elementary School is one of 94 schools so honored by the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) and their partner organizations that have recognized schools all over Washington state for continuous and substantive improvement.
Clear Lake is the only school in Skagit County to receive the award this year. 
Principal Dina Fox explains that there are many reasons for the success of their students.  Most importantly, every staff member is dedicated with helping every student achieve their learning goals.  She cites their progress monitoring system as one of the many reasons why students are successful at Clear Lake.  Principal Fox stated, “When you check in and find out what each student is learning, no one is falling through the cracks.  We are frequently and consistently assessing students in literacy and math.  We are keeping our fingers on the pulse of their progress and doing triage when needed.  No student is an invisible learner.  All are successful.”
Recognition for Clear Lake Elementary staff, families, and students is going to be held on January 9, 2017 at the School Board Meeting that will be held at the Support Services Building, 317 Yellow Lane, SW.  The community is invited to attend the celebration and awarding of the School of Distinction banner to the school.
Sedro-Woolley Cam
Sedro-Woolley has a live downtown cam!  Check out the happenings any time of the day or night at the City’s web site:
Look for Hammer Heritage Square web cam!  It’s on the clock tower!
THANKS to Keith Sorestad, ’71 for sponsoring our golf cart assistance at the All-Class Picnic!  Helps our alums who need a quick ride from the parking lot to the picnic entry point. 
Pictured:  Lola Ellestad, ’42 and driver,
Christy Larson, ’72.
S-W Alumni and Schools Foundation
2017 Board of Directors and Officers
Brock Stiles, President
Joe Jones, Vice President #1
Robin Taylor, Vice President #2
Kellie Cargile, Secretary
Katherine Olson, Assistant Secretary
Pam Baird, Treasurer
Bonna Beitler, Assistant Treasurer
Gene Ashe                          Darrel Jones
Phil Brockman                   Lola Ellestad
Cindy Brune                       Steve Lidgard
Judy Johnson                     Danielle Russell
Arlene Eastman                Peggy Suryan
Brett Greenwood            Barbara Thompson
Pat Hyatt                             Lynn Torset
Irene Johnson                   Reidar Ytgard
Directors serve staggered three-year terms. 
In our next issue, watch for news about the biannual fall fundraiser – there are surprises in store!






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P.O. BOX 509

All meetings are held at the Sedro-Woolley School District building on Trail Road at 11:00 a.m.  These are the meetings to plan the All-Class picnic, the plant sale, biannual auction, pancake breakfast, and other activities.   
All meetings are set for the third Friday of the odd-numbered months.
January 20, 2017                 July 14, 2017
March 17, 2017                   September 15, 2017
May 19, 2017                       November 17, 2017           
Our membership year is the calendar year.
“Annual” memberships are $10 per year.
Life Memberships are currently $100. 
The membership form is an insert in this newsletter and the form can also be used to make donations to our scholarship fund and to reserve your ticket for the 2017 All-Class Picnic.  So easy! 
We have a new e’mail address!!
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S-W Alumni and Schools Foundation
May 6, 2017 – Annual Geranium and Plant Sale!
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July 4, 2017 – Pancake Breakfast
at Sedro-Woolley Community Center!
July 8, 2017 – Annual All-Class Picnic
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We invite YOU to volunteer
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