Saturday, July 9, 2016

SWHS All Class Picnic - a great day!

THANKS to EVERYONE who turned out for our annual All-Class Picnic and made it a BIG SUCCESS!!  AGAIN!!  This is a fun event that is also a fundraiser for the scholarship and classroom grant programs.  We love to give scholarships!  We love to fund classroom grants!  And YOU make it all possible.

Here are some photos from the day.  We hope you had so much fun that you will come back year after year and bring your class! 

Go Cubs!!

A warm welcome at Riverfront Park.

Barbara and Cindy are ready for the crowd!
We had wind!  So Brock did some last-minute
anchoring of the tents. 
After one of them kind of blew away...

 Barbara Thompson is in charge of all the action!


Lunch was delicious!
Thanks to Joy's Bakery
who caters for us every year!

Bill and Eloise are always at the picnic!

Class of 2018 represents!!
They helped with everything, including helping
individual CUBS with their meals
and finding their seats. 
THANKS to these great young CUBS!

The All-Class Picnic is the place
to meet up with friends!

Thanks to Keith Sorestad
Class of 1971
for sponsoring our
golf cart transports to and
from the parking lots!

These are hard-working members
of the committee!

So are these folks!

Making it possible for CUBS
of all ages to have a great time!

Brock Stiles, organization president
and Class of 1978,
was our master of ceremonies.
Barbara Thompson, Class of 1943,
is our intrepid picnic chair!
Finally, many classes bring their own small tents.
But the large tents in the common areas are
sponsored by the SIMS family,
in the tradition started by Vern Sims.
We truly appreciate this
generous contribution.
See you July 8, 2017.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 All Class PIcnic Reminder - July 9 at Riverfront Park in Sedro-Woolley

Sedro-Woolley Alumni and Schools Foundation present THE
2016 All-Class Picnic!!

Saturday, July 9 at Riverfront Park in Sedro-Woolley.  

$15 advance reservation/$20 at the door but ADVANCE RESERVATIONS are best.

Lunch is at 1 p.m. but come early!  Meet up with your class!

This is an annual event and attracts about 500 CUBS.  It is also our largest annual fund-raising event for scholarships and classroom grants.

Please plan to attend and join the fun. 
Photos of previous years’ picnics are on this blog site.

Use the form at the link below to make your reservation;
the form is in pdf format stored on Google Drive.   

If you just want to send in your check to our post office box, our address is:

Sedro-Woolley Alumni and Schools Foundation
PO Box 509
Sedro-Woolley WA  98284

Be SURE to specify “chicken” or “hamburger” as your entrée – choose one.
Also specify your class year!
Tickets are “will call” at the site.

Annual dues are currently $10.  Life membership dues are still $100.

Questions?  Our e’mail address is

Look for us on Facebook!

Our web site address is:

See you July 9!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Plant sale to benefit scholarships and classroom grants - was a BIG success!

THANK YOU to our lovely supporters who came in DROVES to buy geraniums, tomato plants, African violets, and begonias!  We had so much fun on a sunny Saturday morning and we know that local gardens and yards will be that much more BEAUTIFUL because of your support!

The Sedro-Woolley Alumni and Schools Foundation raises  money all year around for scholarships and classroom grants.  We're so grateful for those who care about CUBS and are willing to help our great cause.

Our next event and fund-raiser, as you know, is the All-Class Picnic on July 9th!

In the meantime, here are some photos of our busy day at the plant sale!

Pat is the cashier!

Expert gardener, Barbara, oversees everything!

Robin carries plants to buyers' cars!

Bud and Darrell are ready for spring!

This is a photo of a doughnut break...

Lola and Brock are here to help!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Annual All-Class Picnic, Saturday, July 9, 2016!

All-Class Picnic is coming soon!

The 18th Annual All-Class Picnic at Riverfront Park is back to its traditional date, the first Saturday after July 4, which makes it July 9 this year.   

Gates open at noon.  Picnic lunch will be served at 1:00 p.m., again, catered by the popular Joy’s Bakery.  Choose barbecued chicken or deluxe burger.  Cost remains $15 per plate with advance reservations.  After July 1, cost is $20 per plate.  

Golf carts will again be available for those who’d like some assistance negotiating the hill to and from the picnic site. 

Classes who are thinking about putting up their own individual tents should contact Barbara Ward Thompson at 360-855-0293 as soon as possible to reserve space on the park grounds.  

We are grateful to the Sims family for continuing their dad, Vern’s, tradition of providing two 10’ x 20’ tents for shelter from the elements.   

Looking forward to a record-breaking turnout since last year’s merger of the Alumni Association and the Sedro-Woolley Schools Foundation! 
Mail checks to:  SW Alumni and Schools Foundation, PO Box 509, Sedro-Woolley WA  98284.  Please specify chicken or hamburger entrée and include your class year.  If you still need to pay dues, include $10 for annual or $100 for lifetime dues.  Thanks!

Your lunch tickets will be available to pick up at the park on picnic day!

Alumni and Schools Foundation annual Plant Sale this weekend!

Saturday, April 30 is the date for the annual Sedro-Woolley Alumni and Schools Foundation annual plant sale fundraiser!

So many of our local CUBS and their supporters plan to buy geraniums and tomato plants from us every year - to support scholarships and classroom grants and to make sure they have the BEST plants for their beautiful summer gardens!

We are in a "new" location this year, at BINGHAM PARK in Sedro-Woolley.  Find us there, starting at 9 a.m. and we'll be selling plants until they are gone!  Yes, we usually sell out by early afternoon, so plan to come in the morning!

Thanks for your support and for providing us the opportunity to give scholarships and classroom grants to our local students.  See you April 30th!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Dues are Due!

Our membership year is the calendar year.  So if you are an "annual" member, your $10/year dues are due now!

We also have a popular "lifetime membership" option at $100.

To renew, use the form in the upcoming newsletter or just send your check to:

Sedro-Woolley Alumni and Schools Foundation
PO Box 509
Sedro-Woolley  WA  98284

Be sure to include your mailing address, your e'mail address, and your class year.

Our form also makes it easy to make contributions to our scholarship fund and to reserve your spot for the All-Class Picnic, to be held July 9, 2016!

Thanks for supporting CUBS!

Is your class having an event this year?

The Sedro-Woolley Alumni and Schools Foundation publishes a newsletter twice a year.  We also maintain a Facebook page and put other updates on this blog.

If your SWHS class is planning an event this year - a reunion or other special gathering - message us via this page or on Facebook with the details!  Even a photo!  We can help you publicize your event. 

By placing the information on the Internet, your event can also be found via search engine.  Do you have long-lost class members whom you can't find?  Perhaps they're looking for you! 

Remember, the All-Class Picnic on July 9 is a great place to hold your reunion, too. 

So be sure and send us the details on your event and your contact info so we can get back to you with any questions.  Let's keep reaching CUBS all over the world!!