Saturday, July 9, 2016

SWHS All Class Picnic - a great day!

THANKS to EVERYONE who turned out for our annual All-Class Picnic and made it a BIG SUCCESS!!  AGAIN!!  This is a fun event that is also a fundraiser for the scholarship and classroom grant programs.  We love to give scholarships!  We love to fund classroom grants!  And YOU make it all possible.

Here are some photos from the day.  We hope you had so much fun that you will come back year after year and bring your class! 

Go Cubs!!

A warm welcome at Riverfront Park.

Barbara and Cindy are ready for the crowd!
We had wind!  So Brock did some last-minute
anchoring of the tents. 
After one of them kind of blew away...

 Barbara Thompson is in charge of all the action!


Lunch was delicious!
Thanks to Joy's Bakery
who caters for us every year!

Bill and Eloise are always at the picnic!

Class of 2018 represents!!
They helped with everything, including helping
individual CUBS with their meals
and finding their seats. 
THANKS to these great young CUBS!

The All-Class Picnic is the place
to meet up with friends!

Thanks to Keith Sorestad
Class of 1971
for sponsoring our
golf cart transports to and
from the parking lots!

These are hard-working members
of the committee!

So are these folks!

Making it possible for CUBS
of all ages to have a great time!

Brock Stiles, organization president
and Class of 1978,
was our master of ceremonies.
Barbara Thompson, Class of 1943,
is our intrepid picnic chair!
Finally, many classes bring their own small tents.
But the large tents in the common areas are
sponsored by the SIMS family,
in the tradition started by Vern Sims.
We truly appreciate this
generous contribution.
See you July 8, 2017.